Aug 052010

Lo Que Pasa, the employee e-magazine of the University of Arizona, has a lovely profile of me over at that just posted today.  The profile also includes a slideshow of some of my photos as I read the poem “In May I Consider My Websites.” Check that out at Enjoy!

Extended Vacation

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Mar 212008
Extended Vacation

At the realization that I had to go back to work after taking a couple days off, my younger daughter wrote me an excuse for an extended vacation, courtesy of my boss. Ah, if only it were so easy! And unfortunately I’m home today because I’m under the weather. Strep, I fear.

4 MeMe

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May 292007

This is my single response to various emails and blogs requesting “4 things about me.” I’m supposed to then forward this to 4 people, but instead I’m just posting it here, for ease of use and to avoid the demons of spam. 4 jobs I’ve held: Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Forest Service (volunteer) Associate Program Manager, […]