Jun 172008
Harry Potter and the City of Gold

The release of a Harry Potter prequel this week has created a spell on me, so I ponder: What does J.K. Rowling’s seven-book Harry Potter series tell us about urban form, and what might that form look like? By 2010 we’ll know, as the Wizarding World of Harry Potter comes to life with hamlet, forest, […]

Two Lists

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Aug 162007

JD has a great little discusson of life’s little pleasures, to which he poses the question: What 7 things could you not live without? The givens are shelter and clothing, to which I add family, good fortune, and good health. And I’ve avoided the easy answer: Books 1 through 7 of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter […]

Aug 082007

For more than 2 months now I’ve had the June 2007 issue of The Sun crammed into my backpack, with the goal of reading James Kullander’s interview with Sister Joan Chittister, titled “Be Not Silent: Sister Joan Chittister Speaks Out On War, Feminism, And The Catholic Church.” Today, finally, I read the interview, and was […]