March Yard Flowers

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Apr 212008
March Yard Flowers

I’m running behind on posts, I know, but ’tis the season. School’s almost out, and then I may have a moderately regular blog post schedule. Or at least I’ll keep telling you that. My new Canon XSi arrived late last week and while I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it, I […]

Civano Community School Wins!

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Jan 182008

The Civano Community School—which my daughters attend—won the “Go Green with All” greenest grade school in American contest, announced today on The Ellen Show. Very cool! Details at and a local news clip here. In addition to a $50,000 grand prize for the school, each student receives an iPod shuffle with a solar charger, […]


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Jan 152008

A few quick updates before classes begin again this Thursday: My wife Billie has been nominated for Vail School District’s “Teacher of the Year Award.” Woo hoo, Billie! I know she’s not seen much on this blog, and that’s because she’s usually working while I get to scramble around with the girls. Fingers crossed, babe! […]

Neighborhood Holiday Party

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Dec 162007
Neighborhood Holiday Party

A few photos from yesterday’s Civano Holiday Party: Our older daughter plays viola in the local kids’ string group. Here she is concentrating as she plays. Our younger daughter, right, with a friend. Some good friends of ours: I love this photo! After the strings performance: the Civano Community School chorus, which both daughters sing […]

Obscure Items on My Shelves

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Aug 232007
Obscure Items on My Shelves

That sounds like a gritty, tell-all memoir, no? But alas, it isn’t. Rather, it’s the newest addition to my website’s Favorites list: In sum, the Top 10 Obscure Shelved Items in My Home are: Stuffed and Feathered Vulture Studies of the Psychology of Sex: Sex in Relation to Society, by Havelock Ellis (1917) Bullfrog […]

August Blooms

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Aug 192007
August Blooms

After a walk with my daughters this morning, I had no choice but to run back to get my camera and macro lens. The barrel cactus flowers right now are stunning—and the red bird-of-paradise and lantana blooms are at prime, too—as I hope the photos below (and in my site’s Gallery) attest to: Check out […]


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Aug 142007

My younger daughter drew this picture recently of the ghost who calls her name in the middle of the night. If you had seen her room you’d realize how to-scale this is. It’s sad, really, because if you could zoom in on her face (as I can with the original) you’ll see one eye open, […]

Evening, Post-Rain

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Jul 252007
Evening, Post-Rain

The last few days have brought tremendous thunderstorms to Tucson. Yesterday our neighborhood was without power for four hours because a dozen or more wooden poles holding power lines snapped in the wind. Otherwise, the gullywashers have been nothing short of spectacular. They are what make the monsoon season—generally early July through late August—my favorite […]

Happy 4th!

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Jul 052007

Want to know what I did today? Oh, just 42 photos or so in Civano’s Independence Day parade this morning: And since it’s Independence Day, let me just say: I don’t pardon the pardon. It’s wrong, and is just another example…..

A gecko…

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Jul 032007
A gecko...

… just crawled across the floor in our den. It strolled, all one and a half inches of the young lizard, in a leisurely sort of way. My wife Billie is a bit worked up about this, in part because it’s the second gecko (and I suspect they’re not the same one) we’ve seen since […]