Simmons is God’s middle finger*

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May 052009

So here’s the story: This morning at my daughter’s school a mother told me that she had a conversation about God with her daughter, age 5. The mother said that if God took human shape, she imagined He’d be really big; just imagine the size of his hand! “Oh,” said her daughter, “like Simmons would […]

Girls for Grandparents

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May 212008
Girls for Grandparents

A handful of photos of the girls for the grandparents, since it’s been a while. These are photos from the last week: our older’s viola recital and 5th grade graduation. Yikes, I can’t believe she’ll be in middle school next school year (which for us starts in mid-July)! Our younger daughter, waiting for the recital […]

Civano Community School Wins!

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Jan 182008

The Civano Community School—which my daughters attend—won the “Go Green with All” greenest grade school in American contest, announced today on The Ellen Show. Very cool! Details at and a local news clip here. In addition to a $50,000 grand prize for the school, each student receives an iPod shuffle with a solar charger, […]


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Jan 152008

A few quick updates before classes begin again this Thursday: My wife Billie has been nominated for Vail School District’s “Teacher of the Year Award.” Woo hoo, Billie! I know she’s not seen much on this blog, and that’s because she’s usually working while I get to scramble around with the girls. Fingers crossed, babe! […]