Jun 092009
Victoria and Vancouver Island, British Columbia

I just got back from the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment biennial conference in Victoria, British Columbia. It was a great conference in a stunning location! Below is a sampling of the 137 photos available in my site’s photo gallery. You may also wish to view the ASLE blog entries I posted […]

Darwin’s Hawk

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Feb 042009
Darwin's Hawk

Charles Darwin is known more for his detailing of finches on the Galapagos than of his work with hawks (if any), but hawks and Darwin are on my mind this week and next. First, we had a Cooper’s hawk visit our yard the other day: He started at the bird feeder, which I had just […]

Saguaro Ranch in Black and White

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Dec 142008
Saguaro Ranch in Black and White

Egads, it’s been a month since I’ve posted on my blog! Well, so it goes with the end of the semester and the next issue of Terrain.org out in only a month (and I’m way behind at that). I’m hoping to post the photos I took from my landscape photography class, which just ended. I’ve […]

Sep 132008
Heaven and Hell in Tucson

This semester I’m taking a landscape photography class as an elective. Our first photo assignment was to capture “heaven and hell” in Tucson. Most folks took separate photos of heaven (the good) and hell (the bad), but I took photos at religious sites that I hoped would represent both heaven and hell in each particular […]

Denver-Area New Urbanism

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Aug 022008
Denver-Area New Urbanism

Edit: I’ve written the first of two parts, over at Next American City, on these places: “Denver: America’s Great Urban Canvas, Part I.” Last week I had the good fortune to visit Denver, hosted by our friends the Doolings, and visit many Denver-area New Urban developments. The purpose for my visit, really, was to see […]