Jun 282010

Over Father’s Day weekend I camped at the 9,000-foot Hospital Flats campground atop Mt. Graham in eastern Arizona with my younger daughter. I took the photos in color, but as I began to optimize them for their galleries, I realized they are just as intriguing in black-and-white. So I’ve created two galleries, one each in color and black-and-white, with some comparisons below:

Claret cup cactus (I think). The brilliance of the red flowers is lost in black-and-white, and yet the flowers have an interesting grayscale color nonetheless.

Orange wildflower that is striking in both color and black-and-white.

My younger daughter at Riggs Lake.

Perhaps the site of a forest fire? At about 9,000 feet elevation, looking down to the desert floor at about 2,800 feet.

I really like this photo both in color and black-and-white.

Another favorite in both color and black-and-white.

Our tent at the Hospital Flats campground, next to a small creek. When we arrived, a handful of older Asian women were picking wild spinach from the creekside.

About to hike a short ridge trail.

I especially like the black-and-white version of this photo, which reminds me of the early photographs from the American west. Such detail and mood in the grayscale, it seems.

New Mexico thistle bud. The deep pink of course isn’t visible on the grayscale, so in the lower image the thistles radiate out in a call for attention.

Another thistle shot. Though the focus doesn’t change here, the overall tone does.

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