Feb 282010

On January 31 I visited the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum with visitors from out of town. Of course, I seemed to only take photos of wildlife, the grounds, and my daughters. No surprise there. Here are a few of the shots, and a total of 28 can be found in larger format over in my gallery:

My daughters are all smiles beside the organ pipe cactus near the Desert Museum’s entrance.

We arrived in time to see the Raptor Free Flight Program, with a family of Harris’s hawks. Pretty amazing stuff.

The cats, like this bobcat, were pretty active in Cat Canyon on this mild January day.

A showy Costa’s hummingbird in the hummingbird aviary.

Even the desert bighorn sheep wasn’t shy, though I’m not sure he actually ever moves.

View of the Desert Museum grounds, with the Tucson Mountains in the distance.


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  1. Beautiful — the animals and the girls!

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