Jan 032010

My younger daughter and I welcomed in the new year with a trip out to Saguaro National Park (West) for some hiking and petroglyph gawking. The park is a study in enticing contrasts, as I hope these black-and-white photos show. Here are 8, and these and 36 more are available in larger format over in my gallery.

My younger daughter at the Red Hills Visitor Center.

Along the Hugh Norris Trail to Amole Peak.

Petroglyphs at Signal Hill.

Perhaps the park’s most-known petroglyph, atop Signal Hill.

My young artist admires the ancient rock art.

View along the Signal Hill Trail.

Saguaro with arms and blooming ocotillo.

Backlit prickly pear.

View the full gallery at http://www.simmonsbuntin.com/images/gallery/2010/saguaro_west/.

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  1. Happy new year, Simmons! Your pictures are beautiful. I was lucky enough to visit Saguaro National Park two years ago — it's an amazing place, and well captured in your images. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Thanks for those B&W photos…you may have unknowingly given us a landscape design lesson. Design with form in mind first, not relying on just flower color for visual interest.

  3. Thanks guys!

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