Jan 302010

On January’s full moon — the closest moon to Earth in two years — we discovered a ringtail in the tree near the Civano neighborhood center. Fortunately, I had my camera nearby, and was able to spend some time with our neighbor. Check out the gallery for all 19 of the photos; here are a few, smaller photos:

Another wonderful reason why I love living in the Sonoran desert.

View the full gallery at http://www.simmonsbuntin.com/images/gallery/2010/ringtail.

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  1. Amazing captures Simmons! Kudos!

  2. Thanks David! That means A LOT coming from you!

  3. Wow! What a lucky sighting! One of those ringtails somehow got in the cube farm in my office building during the holidays and holed up on an electrical box near my desk. I wasnt there that day and didn't get to see it close up, great pics!

  4. Amazing pictures. Thanks for sharing!

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