Oct 312009

Last night we hosted Civano’s Spooktacular Halloween Party and Haunted Garage (Haunted Pirate Ship Theme), and we had about 150 friends and neighbors stop by for tricks and treats. I didn’t take very many photos, and I hope to post a video of the haunted garage a bit later, but wanted to throw a few party photos up until then:

Arrgh! It’s Cap’n Simmons and his daughters, one a lady bug, the other an Eskimo.

A couple early party scene shots here.

These are kids from my older daughter’s theater group.

My neighbor Paul Tumarkin. Scary Paul. Very scary!

My neighbor Micha and her new baby boy.

Avast! It’s rare we find a lady bug on the high seas!

My younger daughter with her best friend. Her friend’s mother LaDawn made these beautiful costumes.

The lady bug and the bumblebee.

Our neighbor Gina Corteza won the costume contest.

She’s dressed as a Day of the Dead sugar skull-type thingy(?).

Ahoy all ye scurvy dogs, I can snarl with the best of them!

Look for the video and perhaps photos from this evening soon!

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  1. Awesome! You are the best pirate EVER! LOL

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