Sep 222009 A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments ( is pleased to announce the launch of Issue No. 24: Borders & Bridges.

Our largest issue yet, interactive contributions include a guest editorial by U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords, Agritopia as the UnSprawl case study, a long lost interview with poet A. R. Ammons, new poetry features (translations and our first online chapbook, with audio), essays by Christopher Cokinos and Mark Tredinnick, articles on the silence of owls and severing the U.S.-Mexico borderlands, plus new fiction, poetry, nonfiction, reviews, and more.

Check it out now at — and be sure to add to the conversation with’s new commenting tool for contributions. And then join us at 8 p.m. on September 24th at the University of Arizona Poetry Center in Tucson for the Issue Launch & Reading, featuring David Rothenberg, Pamela Uschuk, Christopher Cokinos, and Deborah Fries.

Specifically, Issue No. 24 includes:


  • Guest editorial by Gabrielle Giffords, U.S. Representative, Arizona’s 8th Congressional District : Solar is the Bridge to Our Future
  • Columns by regular contributors Simmons Buntin, Deborah Fries, David Rothenberg (with image gallery), and Lauret Savoy


  • Philip Fried interviews poet A. R. Ammons (1926-2001); an interview dating back to 1980 yet as timely today as it was 29 years ago

UnSprawl Case Study

  • Agritopia in Gilbert, Arizona — Crafted with a sort of evangelical “New Ruralism,” the 166-acre Agritopia neighborhood east of Phoenix mixes gardens, pastures, orchards, restaurants, lush trails, and more with historically inspired homes designed to bring neighbors together.


  • “Night at the World’s Largest Atomic Cannon” by Christopher Cokinos, with audio
  • “Body Exposed in the Golden Wind” by Florence Caplow
  • “Positioning” by J. David Bell
  • “Lee’s Ferry” by Ben Quick
  • “Mustering the Sky” by Mark Tredinnick


  • “To Wit, to Woo: The Silence of Owls” by Kathryn Miles
  • “Ken Wu and the Fight for Canada’s Remaining Pacific Coast Old-Growth,” with online slideshow, by Joan Maloof and Rick Maloof
  • “A Hole in Time” by John Lane
  • “A Region of Wounds: Severing the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands” by Tom Leskiw

ARTerrain Gallery

  • Four series of impromptu sculptures-in-the-wild and studio sculptures by R. L. Croft


  • Borderland Translations: Tedi Lopéz Mills, translated by Wendy Burk — poems in English and Spanish with audio
  • God, Seed: Online chapbook of poetry and images by Rebecca Foust and Lorna Stevens, with audio
  • Other poetry (and audio, too) by Pamela Uschuk, Jessica Weintraub, Polly Brown, Linda Parsons Marion, Jenn Blair, Laura Sobbot Ross, J. P. Dancing Bear, Beth Winegarner, Peter Huggins, Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, George Moore, Eva Hooker, Scott Edward Anderson, Alison Hawthorne Deming, William Keener, Brett Foster, Thorpe Moeckel, Joe Wilkins, and Sue Swartz


  • “The Hank Williams Dialogues” by Andrew Wingfield
  • “The Garden” by Jaren Watson
  • “Stones” by Jeffrey Stevenson

Reviews of…

  • A Conservationist Manifesto by Scott Russell Sanders
  • The Trouble with Black Boys and Other Reflections on Race, Equity, and the Future of Public Education by Pedro A. Noguera
  • Unexpected Light, poems by C. E. Chaffin
  • Crazy Love: New Poems by Pamela Uschuk

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