Jan 162009

In late October I drove over to the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas, about a hundred miles east of El Paso. Along the way there and back I stopped at the Franklin Mountains State Park, north (but officially within the city limits) of El Paso.

I’ve just added 28 photos from that excusion to my gallery. Check it out.

The Franklin Mountains are bisected by a major highway and completely surrounded by El Paso, at least according to the map — making it the largest urban park in America.

What’s so great about the mountains, though, is that even that close to El Paso, once you get over the road noise, it feels completely remote. And the park represents a truly unique and very diverse part of the Chihuahuan desert.

Some of those in the know believe the Franklin Mountains are the southernmost range of the greater Rocky Mountains of North America. Geology, of course, plays no small part in their wonder, but I was especially smitten with the variety of plant life, especially the numbers of agave and small cactus.

I didn’t take any macro shots, but take a look at the landscape views of Franklin Mountains State Park in west Texas:


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