Jan 172009

Last weekend the San Xavier del Bac Mission, just south of Tucson, was lit at night for the first time in several years. Due to renovation, the White Dove of the Desert, which is located on the Tohono O’odham reservation, will not be lit again for three years.

Below (and here for larger views) are five chronological photos, from just after sunset until the dark sky of night. I was one of about 500 photographers who showed up for the one-night-only event.

The full moon — the largest in the sky this year (14 percent larger than other full moons because of the moon’s proximity to Earth right now) — also reminds me of another event that will take place during a full moon, six months from now.

The Wildbranch Writing Workshop panel proposal that I am a participant of, and reading from my new essay “Songbird”* for, has been accepted for the biennial conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) up in Victoria, B.C. the first week of June. Needless to say, I’m delighted to go to my first ASLE conference. I’ll fly into Seattle and take the ferry up to Victoria, and am very excited about that, too. It’s my first time. Unfortunately, the girls can’t make the trip with me, so I’ll have to get them some excellent British Columbia goodies! Plus I need to figure out how to fund it!

* “Songbird” is forthcoming in the next issue of Hawk & Handsaw: The Journal of Creative Sustainability, which I’m delighted about.

Back in the desert on a full-moon evening, here are the San Xavier photos:

View these photos at a larger size in the gallery:


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  1. Hi !! I found your blog about San Xavier's mission.. I was lucky to be there a week ago and was overwhelmed by the sublime beauty of the place, there's a poem I loved in a bronze plaque on one side of the church, but forgot it's name.. do you happen to remember it? I'm from Mexico, and would love to have it..Thanks !! Martha

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