Jan 202009

For several years I had been itching to get over to the Guadalupe Mountains of west Texas and southern New Mexico. Known primarily for their geological features — the Guadalupes are the remnants of a large Permian reef that was part of a vast shallow sea that once covered the entire region — I was more interested in the fall foliage. The Guadalupes, I’ve heard, have the largest collection of maples in the West.

Though the autumn flash may not rival that of New England, when the colors are combined with the stunning mountain landscapes, the area certainly surpassed all of my expectations.

I’ve finally had the opportunity to get the best photos, all 136 of them, into my gallery, which you can access here. But you may also be interested in the online version of a book of 38 photos (with captions) I put together for my landscape photography class, which gave me the excuse to finally head over to the Guadalupes the last week of October 2008.

Below are a sampling of photos. Then settle in for the larger show over at my gallery.

View the gallery at:

Or view the online book at:

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