My Not My Poem

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Nov 152008

So I’m late to this game, I guess, but I just stumbled upon the Issue 1 anthology, created by the folks over at for godot. It features poetry by something like 3,500 poets (the anthology is 3,785 pages). Except none of the poems were actually written by the poets, including mine (not mine) on page […]

Autumn in the Huachuca Mountains

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Nov 122008
Autumn in the Huachuca Mountains

This weekend my friend Scott Calhoun, my younger daughter, and I ventured through the gate of Fort Huachuca army base at the foot of southeastern Arizona’s Huachuca Mountains, which climb to nearly 9,500 feet and edge into Mexico. We had a wonderful time climbing through Garden Canyon and taking lots and lots of photographs of […]


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Nov 082008

A lovely something to wake up to this morning, my poem “Flare” is today’s poem at Verse Daily: This poem is inspired by the wonderful spring wildflowers we had in March 2005, as friend Scott Calhoun and I drove down to Mexico to photograph the wildflowers of the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve just south of […]