Feb 282008

Not perhaps what you typically think of with forests, but Ironwood Forest National Monument, northwest of Tucson, is pretty spectacular, especially on a beautiful day like today when the poppies are a-poppin’!

Below are a dozen photos from the afternoon outing with fellow photography addict Scott Calhoun (though he actually gets paid for this stuff every now and then). Then buzz on over to my Ironwood Forest National Monument Spring Wildflowers gallery for 39 larger images.

Mexican gold-poppies among foothill palo verde and saguaros.

A thicker patch of the poppies, with palo verde and cholla.

Who doesn’t love poppies? Mary Oliver sure does [read poem]!

There are some patches of bladderpod, too, though more often they grew among the poppies.

The magical time of late afternoon when the light brings out warm color in everything.

Ragged Top, in the heart of Ironwood Forest National Monument, with lots of saguaros, too.

The iconic silhouetted saguaro photograph, methinks.

Cholla backlit among the gold-poppies.

Poppies closing up, looking west as the sun sets, with Ragged Top in the distance.

Lying (or is it laying?) down with the poppies.

My favorite shot of the afternoon: is it wrong to love my macro lens so much?

Good night gold-poppies!

Hey, I just realized I didn’t actually take any photos of ironwoods! Ah well, I think I’ll head back when they flower later this spring.

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