Feb 042008

Really, I do. This was my first visit, and New York is an amazing city.

Neither overwhelming nor unfriendly, I found it compelling beyond expectation, from the many small and fine restaurants to its pedestrian scale (in spite of its grand scale), from its wonderful literary venues to the intricate and diverse architecture and peoples. The only things I didn’t like ($10 beers at the bar of the New York Hilton, for example) are mostly avoidable.

I plan a post about the biggest delights, but that will be over at The Next American City, probably tomorrow or the next day. Until then, here are 22 photos, with these plus 50 (!) more in larger format over on my gallery:

Arriving: view of Manhattan and the Empire State Building from LaGuardia International Airport (aboard the plane) at sunset.

Candle and Guinness make for good company the first evening at an Irish pub near Grand Central Station.

The Empire State Building, washed in green lights, towers above other beautiful buildings along (I think) 5th Avenue.

Windows of the New York Public Library, where traveling partner Scott Calhoun dreams of penning his next book.

The Hotel Metro, somewhere in Soho or Greenwich Village, perhaps. I just like the shot.

Scott enjoys gelato at a wonderful Italian bakery we discovered in Greenwich Village.

A famous (and now infamous, but I’m telling no secrets!) poet blogger reads at the Terrain.org 10th Anniversary Reading at Cornelia Street Cafe.

And Jake Adam York, seen through the reflective mirror, closes out the reading. Look for a link to a Terrain.org 10th Anniversary Reading image gallery soon….

Okay, so some skyscrapers in Manhattan look the same (though most don’t).

Times Square, though we didn’t venture into the heart of the beast.

One of two gauchos who serenaded us (the other with classical guitar) on the subway as we headed into Brooklyn.

Jessie Lendennie, publisher of Salmon Poetry, introduces readers at the Salmon Poetry reading at the Bowery Street Poetry Club. Photo by Scott Calhoun.

Hey, that’s me, reading a couple poems from Salmon’s new anthology! Photo by Scott Calhoun.

Brooklyn contrast.

View of the Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge, spanning the East River, from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

A tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, through the windowless arch of an abandoned warehouse.

The hazy Statue of Liberty, viewed from beneath the Brooklyn Bridge (with a telephoto lens).

A (rare?) bright, bright Brooklyn winter day, with yours truly. Photo by Scott Calhoun.

Manhattan skyscrapers viewed above a frozen pond in Central Park.

Boulder and buildings viewed from the south section of Central Park.

A single blooming tree in the park.

View of Queens and Manhattan from my airplane window. I say again: What a great city!


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