Oct 252005

Yes, yes, dammit I know: I’m delaying the Travel Blog, which I want to finish before Halloween. But I’m waiting on the poem the Kindergarten class and I developed for this next leg of the journey. Anyway, just a quick note about how awesome this Halloween is going to be! We’re hosting the big neighborhood […]

An Aside

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Oct 242005
An Aside

I’ll get back to the Colorado travel log tomorrow, but saw this over at Reb Livingston’s blog and thought I’d give it a whirl: My blog is worth $6,945,000.00.How much is your blog worth? By the way, my blog is actually worth the big zippa, but I fuddled with the numbers (not unlike most political […]

Oct 172005
Travel Log: 2 Oct - 3 Oct

Route Ibid: Colorado Blvd. to I-70 to I-25 to U.S. 36 and points therabout. Travel Highlight On Sunday we visited with my older daughter’s Denver playgroup, which is still intact, though the girls are all five years older. We met at the multidimensional Westlands Park in Greenwood Village, south of Denver. The imaginative park is […]

Oct 132005
Travel Log: 29 Sept - 1 Oct

Route Colorado Blvd. to I-70 to I-25 to U.S. 36 and points therabout. Travel Highlight Visiting the Denver Zoo is always high on our list when returning to the Colorado Front Range. This time we spent nearly six hours roaming the grounds. We were impressed with the new Predator Ridge, and the girls were especially […]

Oct 122005
Travel Log: 26 Sept - 28 Sept

Route Tucson, Ariz. to Denver, Colo. via I-10, New Mexico 26, and I-25; ~915 miles Travel Highlight 1. The new Kawasaki dual-screen portable DVD player. The screens strap to the back of the headrests, so our girls can lounge to educational DVDs like Arthur and less educational DVDs like Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus […]


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Oct 102005

Finally back from nearly two weeks in Colorado, and we had an awesome time! The readings and Civano lecture all went well. Over the next week I’ll post some small stories and photos, but wanted to share a couple things: 1. I brought a handful of books to read, but we did so much every […]