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Jul 272005

Even my own father doesn’t know I’ve been to jail twice. The first time was during Christmas break, back home in Ocala, Florida during my freshman year at Colorado State University. A couple friends and I were driving to the local mall in my trusty Isuzu Trooper. We were loaded down with fireworks that my […]


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Jul 222005

Why is it that we try to categorize ourselves? I suppose it’s a method to the means of better understanding what we do and why, and therefore who we are and how. In the past few weeks, online surveys/tests/whatever have told me that I am John Ashbery (which I’m still trying to figure out), a […]


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Jul 202005

Really awesome evening storms we’ve been having with this young desert monsoon. More wind and theatrics than rain, I’m sorry to say. This photo is courtesy of neighbor Tom Chong on the other side of our Civano neighborhood, looking south toward the Santa Rita Mountains and Mexico (way) beyond.

Vernacular & Other Updates

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Jul 192005

My wife has finished Harry Potter and the HBP. We both agree it’s stunning, and are working out our theories for the seventh and final book, which won’t publish for two years or so, according to a recent interview with J.K. Rowling. Well, at least the fourth movie comes out this year, in November, easing […]

Just finished…

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Jul 182005
Just finished...

… Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Wow. This is a powerful, wonderfully-written book that—like the critics have been saying—places the Potter series up there with the likes of The Lord of the Rings. Really. My wife still has ten more chapters to go and I am absolutely dying to talk with her about it. […]

HP on Recycled Paper

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Jul 152005

It’s never as simple as black and white, of course—but that said: Good for the Canadian publishers, boo for the U.S. publishers:

Interviewing TTW

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Jul 142005

I’ve mentioned it before but I’ll mention it again: I’m delighted that I’m interviewing Terry Tempest Williams, author of Refuge, Leap, Red, The Open Space of Democracy, and other fine environmental literature, for the next issue of A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments. It’s our “Metropolitan Mosaic” issue. Here’s a sneak peek […]

I Am Albus Dumbledore!

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Jul 132005
I Am Albus Dumbledore!

That’s right, I got all the questions right on this fun MSNBC online Harry Potter quiz: My seven-year-old daughter is a Hogwarts Professor, meaning she missed only two of thireen. We read the HP books to her out loud (and often listen to the audio CDs when driving around). Needless to say, this promises […]

I Am the Televangalist (Fear Me!)

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Jul 122005

From the Link: The Personality Defect Test written by saint_gasoline on Ok Cupid which is rapidly spreading around at least a few blog sites on the net. TelevangelistYou are 28% Rational, 100% Extroverted, 0% Brutal, and 57% Arrogant. As the Lord as my witness, I swear upon the good book that you are indeed the […]

Yes! Ostrich Bite

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Jul 122005
Yes! Ostrich Bite

Or so the sign says. Actually, it’s quite true, as both my older daughter and I can attest to. We stopped by Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch, the largest ostrich farm in North America that coincidentally happens to be on the all-too-familiar route between Tucson, where we live, and Phoenix, where Ikea lives. Below: There’s now […]